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Georges Perrier Allegedly Calls Server a 'Bitch' at Iron Hill

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Georges Perrier in happier times
Georges Perrier in happier times
Photo: Haute Living

Blogger Marcos Espinoza (better known in Philly as Fidel Gastro) ran into Georges Perrier at Iron Hill Chestnut Hill last night, where the legendary chef had a meltdown, allegedly including calling one of the waitstaff a "bitch."

After making simple chit-chat with Perrier, who sat next to him at the bar, Espinoza said Perrier went into disrespectful mode when he didn't get preferential treatment.

"They didn't recognize him, and even after they did, they didn't care," Espinoza told Eater this morning. "He said he was getting poor service, which was definitely not the case." Espinoza added that he wasn't sure if it was a source of pride for Iron Hill to be known as the restaurant that tossed out the culinary legend, Georges Perrier.

The restaurant did not immediately return phone calls. Stay tuned.

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