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Deadly Shooting at PYT in The Piazza

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Police on the scene at PYT
Police on the scene at PYT
Photo: Joseph Kaczmarek Photography

UPDATED: Gunfire erupted on Hancock Street, the thoroughfare adjacent to PYT at The Piazza, leaving Maurice Kimble, 25, dead at Hahnemann Hospital after a failed resuscitation. The altercation began between two tables outside at PYT, the burger bar located on the northeast corner of The Piazza.

Police are still investigating the whereabouts of the shooter, as a discarded revolver was found near the scene along with shell casings, bullet fragments, and a pool of blood. Police are currently looking into surveillance camera tapes to see if the shooting was caught on video.

· 1 Dead After Gunfire at The Piazza []


1050 North Hancock Street, Philadelphia, PA