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Circles Northern Liberties Opens on June 28

This will soon be Circles Contemporary Asian.
This will soon be Circles Contemporary Asian.
Photo: Google Maps

Circles Contemporary Asian owner Alex Boonphaya is opening another location of his popular restaurant at 2nd and Poplar Streets on June 28. The new storefront takes over where 2nd Street Pizza & Tuscany Grill used to live, bringing Philly's best Thai to a neighborhood devoid of any Thai whatsoever. This project has been a long time coming, as rumors of a new Circles in this part of town has been rumored for almost a year.

Every critic in Philly has a major crush on this joint (check out Adam Erace's love here, and The Craig's musings here), and the Philly food-obsessed followed their love and made this place a huge hit. The uptick in business has taken Circles from a bulletproof takeout window to a sit-down restaurant, and now, a whole new location up north.

· Circles Contemporary Asian [Twitter]

Circles Contemporary Asian

812 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA