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HoagieGate II: Mitt Romney Gets a Sub at Wawa's

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He loves a good sub. Especially from Wawa's.
He loves a good sub. Especially from Wawa's.

In an attempt to connect with his local supporters, Mitt Romney went to Wawa, and ordered a sub. After being corrected that Pennsyltuckians refer to the long roll sandwiches as hoagies, he proceeded to order a meatball hoagie with sweet peppers, totally ignoring the classic Italian or turkey versions, and alienating himself even further.

The topper was still yet to come, as he got on stage to profess his love for "Wawa's," and repeated the incorrect name five times in a matter of minutes. He also said he placed his order on a touchtone phone, but he probably was referring to the touchscreen ordering computer. OK, maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Romney, it's not like he's running for President of the United States or anything. Wah-Wahhhhhhh.

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