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Anonymous Manager Dishes on Wawa's Inner-Workings

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What happens behind the counter?
What happens behind the counter?
Photo: Wawa

Last night, an anonymous manager took to social news site Reddit to pull back the curtain on the inner-workings of Philly institution Wawa. The Q&A started by "Twisky" has gotten pretty popular, and there's no doubt this person is high up on the Wawa food chain, as the information being doled out is very insider, and pretty interesting if you're part of the cult. A few people have tried to convince Twisky to shut up, but he or she seems undeterred by the suggestions, most likely made by fellow higher-ups at Wawa.

After perusing the entire thread, we've culled the most entertaining and informative bits of info for you to enjoy, from thieving energy drinks to customers defecating in urinals.

What's the worst inventory count discrepancy you've seen at your location? Due to employee theft or otherwise?
Every week we do 'cycle counts' and count a different area of the store. Cigarettes are counted twice monthly. If you miss count and miss a couple cartons it will be off hundreds of dollars. Energy drinks are also the biggest source of 'shrink'. Very little of it is from theft at my store.

Has anyone ever taken a the "paid" stamp from your register? i've heard of people doing this and stamping their hoagie receipts themselves and not paying.
Yes, this happens quite frequently. That's why each stamp has a store number and we change the colors.

What is the oldest/wrinkliest hot dog you've ever seen sold?
At my store we bake our hot dogs in the oven. We no longer use a 'roller grill'. They last for 3 hours in the 'hot box' type warmer case until they are spoiled out.

What's the typical payrate for AGM/managers/shift leaders?
Customer Service Associate $7.25/hr to $11.50/hr, Inventory Merchandise Manager $11.00/hr - $15.75/hr, Fresh Food Manager Inventory $11.00/hr - $15.75/hr, Assistant General Manager $700/week - $908/week, General Manager $80k+. Don't forget the benefits as well: Medical, dental, vision, 401k plan, employee stock ownership and profit sharing, tuition reimbursement. In many ways these things are just as important as the paycheck. I myself have the 401k plan and am part of ESOP. We also have a credit union, which my car loan is on.

What happens to "spoiled out" food? seems like a good opportunity to feed some people.
It goes in the trash. If anyone got sick it would be a PR nightmare. The only thing I ever eat is spoiled fruit. All the hot food is pretty yucky after its coded time.

Are there certain days where you have the prime rib, chili, beef stew and the "oh my god the mac and meat is so good as long as you don't look at it"? I like across the street from Wawa and I've noticed it's become more and more rare to see prime rib on the menu.
My store has prime rib every day. We would never have all 4 on the same day. Call and ask. If they have it, they can cook it for you in an hour.

What's the most disgusting customer activity you have witnessed?
A man pooping in the urinal.
There are urinals in Wawas? o_O
Yes. However not all stores have public bathrooms.

Why the fuck is the hummus to pita ratio in the hummus and pita snacks so poor? I always run out of pita with a mountain of hummus.
You're not putting enough hummus on your pita.

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