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Is Jen Carroll Taking Her Concept to NYC or DC?

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Is Jen Carroll leaving Philly?
Is Jen Carroll leaving Philly?
Photo: Marla Cimini

After word broke that Jen Carroll had Concrete Blonde on hold, tips started rolling in that she's recently been spotted in NYC and Washington, D.C. without cameras, long after shooting stopped on her upcoming Bravo show, Life After Top Chef. While she is known to hang out with Top Chef alums Spike Mendelsohn and Mike Isabella in D.C., the places she was seen didn't have the Jersey boy or the fedora anywhere nearby.

Carroll is still one of the most popular Top Cheffers ever, and she could easily make it work in NYC or DC. But, losing her talents locally would be a serious kick in the ass to the city she represented so well on TV. You can't blame Carroll, though, if no one has stepped up to the plate in Philly. After all, Top Chef can only take you so far, and she's got a finished concept ready to go.

Eater reached out to Carroll via text to get her on the horn, and she plainly responded: "Just got back from Aspen. Can't talk today. On a train to NYC. We'll chat soon." Sigh. Come on Philly investors, someone is leaving a lot of money on the table if Philly's favorite daughter opens her debut restaurant somewhere else.

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