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Terence Feury Leaving Fork

terencefuery_right.jpgIn a pretty surprising turn of events, celebrated chef Terence Feury is leaving Fork at the end of July. The Insider is reporting that Feury is headed to Swedesboro, New Jersey, to open Tavro 13, a new restaurant opening up in the just-renovated Old Swedes Inn. Feury's new spot will have 70 seats, a lounge, massive bar, and a patio with outdoor seating.

Ellen Yin
, owner of the 15-year-old Fork, is now on the hunt for a new executive chef. Until a suitable replacement can be found, sous chef Luke Eschbach will be running the kitchen. The arrival of Feury to Fork three years ago was a huge deal, and seen as a major coup for Yin.

[Photo: Star Chefs]

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