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Chef Brad Spence is Building a Giant Flying Sausage

Brad Spence, executive chef and co-owner of Amis, has entered a team from his restaurant in the Red Bull Flugtag competition. For the uninitiated, the Flugtag is an event where groups of people construct a human-powered flying machine, and launch their monstrosity off of a 30-foot deck to see which one works best. Spence and Co. are building a giant 16-foot sausage with wings that will attempt to take flight on September 15. A very technically accurate and detailed sketch of the concept is pictured above.

Spence's team includes Martin Cugine (GM), Craig Parahus (sous chef), and Adam Smith (assistant manager), all of whom will be pushing the behemoth. Server Brendan Ireland will be piloting the tubesteak into the Delaware River.

Spence said that one of his regular customers is an engineer, and will be helping them design and construct the "Beast of Amis." Good luck, gentlemen. And, for those looking for a job, Amis will probably be looking for a server on September 16.

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