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Bottom of the Sea Headed for Sheriff Sale

You can get this storefront for cheap
You can get this storefront for cheap
Photo: Google Maps

Bottom of the Sea, located at 714 South Street, closed up shop a few weeks back. Eater HQ is hearing that the property will be up for a sheriff sale soon, which means a cheap spot for any aspiring restaurateurs that don't have a lot of financial backing. This could be a perfect fit for a certain Philadelphian that's thinking of taking her game out of town.

For those fans of the legendary tilapia sandwich at the West Philly storefront of the same name, fear not, as the two restaurants have no connection, and that one is going strong.

Old school residents might remember the Señor Rattlers Cantina sign that hung off the same property, which was the fake front for Club Kama Sutra, Philly's long-gone beloved swingers club. The new owners might want to give that place a good scrubbing before opening the second and third floors.

· Bottom of the Sea [Facebook]

Bottom of the Sea

714 South Street, Philadelphia, PA