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Magpie Landing on South Street in Late July

Holly Riccardi is about a month away from opening her artisan pie shop, Magpie, at 1622 South Street. Riccardi, a former graphic designer, decided to jump headfirst into the wonderful world of professional baking and bring Philly her crazy pie concoctions.

Magpie will offer sweet and savory pies, and the sweet selections are divided up by custard base, or fruit fillings. Riccardi said that the shop will be staunchly seasonal, which means no blueberries in the chilly months.

There's no official date set yet for opening, but it can't come soon enough, as Philly is sorely lacking a pie-centric storefront. Stay tuned for more info.

· Magpie [Official]


1622 South Street, Philadelphia, PA