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Pure Tacos Opening on July 9

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Pure Tacos opens on July 9.
Pure Tacos opens on July 9.
Photo: Pure Taos

It's been a long time coming, but the Philadelphia outpost of Pure Tacos is just about to pop. Owners Ted Schroeder and David Humphrey told Eater that they'll start slinging tacos on Monday, July 9.

"We passed both major inspections today, and we're ready to go," Schroeder said in an interview earlier tonight. "There have been a few delays, we know, but it's time to open the doors."

Pure Tacos, which were previously only available down the shore on the OC Boardwalk, have become a huge hit, offering high-quality fast food, and yes, a completely gluten-free menu. Since one of the owners suffers from Celiac Disease, it's more than just jumping on the latest food fad. In fact, gluten isn't allowed in the restaurant, so there's never a fear of cross contamination.

If you want to get a jump on practicing your order for the big day, check out the menu for the Philly outpost, which features a lot of classic Mexican street food flavors, and some modern-day mashups like chipotle beef brisket and orange chili tilapia.

To celebrate the opening, the owners are holding a drawing for anyone who follows them on Twitter or likes them on Facebook. One fan will randomly be picked to get free tacos from Pure Tacos for a week.

· Pure Tacos [Official]

Pure Tacos

1935 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA