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Iconic Pizza Joint Lorenzo's is Burning to the Ground

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A hole cut out on Lorenzo's facade.
A hole cut out on Lorenzo's facade.
Photo: NBCPhilly

While we love to give them the business for pretty rank slices of pizza, Philly landmark Lorenzo's is ablaze on South Street, and it doesn't look good. The fire has been going for a few hours, and is still not under control. One fireman was injured in the blaze, but has since been released from the hospital.

Lorenzo's will never be put in the same class as our city's best pizza, but there's not a food-lover among us who hasn't stopped in for a bevy of late night pie since they opened their doors in 1988. Lorenzo's will forever live in the pantheon of Philly classics, alongside Pat's and Geno's. Eater HQ sincerely hopes that they can bounce back quickly, and keep that bad attitude that made their counter a necessary stop for all the South Street visitors.

A few comedic gems have been popping up on Twitter, including our favorite: "So I guess Lorenzo's is on fire? Maybe they were trying to fully cook their pizza for the first time ever. #lorenzos." All kidding aside, get well soon, Lorenzo's.

· Lorenzo's [Official]

Lorenzo and Sons

305 South Street, Philadelphia, PA