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Wawa Made a 4.5 Ton Hoagie For You to Eat Today

They're handing out a free 4.5 ton hoagie.
They're handing out a free 4.5 ton hoagie.
Photo: Wawa Welcome America

Celebrating all things America must include getting just a little bit fatter, no matter the situation. Luckily, Wawa has constructed a 4.5 ton hoagie that will be sliced up and handed out today from noon until 2 p.m. at the Independence Visitor Center, located between 5th and 6th Streets on Market street.

The hoagie required the assistance of more than 200 employees to assemble, and will be available to anyone who happens to be in the area and hungry for free food. The Liberty Bells, the official USO Show Troupe, will be on hand to provide entertainment, and there will be a "Letters from Home" station to remind us that freedom comes in the form of bravery, and not sliced deli meats.

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