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Who Wants a Free Food Truck?

Honest Tom's is giving away their truck
Honest Tom's is giving away their truck
Photo: Honest Tom's

Honest Tom's, long considered one of Philly's very best mobile food operations, is giving away their truck. Yes, you read that right. Honest Tom is going to be handing over the keys to his taco truck to a worthy up-and-comer, as the schedule for their brick-and-mortar has kept them from being able to take the truck out on a regular schedule.

If you have a great idea for the truck, and a convincing enough story, email the crew at, and plead your case. The Honest Tom's brain trust will pick a winner on Monday, July 9. So, you must have your entry in to them by midnight on Sunday, July 8.

A word of warning to the would-be lucky winners of the truck: This baby has a great pedigree and some seriously good mojo. You've got some big clogs to fill. Good luck.

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