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Lil' Pop Shop Named Best Popsicles by Food & Wine

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Lil' Pop Shop is in Food & Wine
Lil' Pop Shop is in Food & Wine
Photo: West Philly Local

It took just under two months for Lil' Pop Shop to get national pub for their icy treats. Food & Wine Magazine gave owner Jeanne Chang and her gourmet freeze pops a serious nod on their list of Best Popsicles in the U.S. Eater rang up Chang about the big news, and she was stunned to say the least.

"I can't believe it. It's a huge honor, and..well, I can't believe it," said Chang. "We knew we had a pretty good product, but the support from everyone has been unbelievable. It's very exciting."

As for what's next, Chang said that they plan to expand to Center City during the offseason, but only if the quality can be kept consistent, and they can properly support the flagship West philly store. Be prepared to schlep your food tourist friends out West now, since Lil' Pop Shop has hit the big time after just a few weeks in business.

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Lil' Pop Shop

229 South 20th Street, , PA 19103 (215) 309-5822 Visit Website

Lil' Pop Shop

265 South 44th Street, Philadelphia, PA