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The Final Foie Friday is Going Out with a Bang

Jason Cichonski loves foie
Jason Cichonski loves foie
Photo: Danya Henninger

Tonight marks the final stop on the Foie Friday train, and where else to celebrate than with late night food and drinks at the place that started it all, Ela. Sure, we just posted about their new outdoor seating, but chef Cichonski did a good deed for the chefs in Philly by bringing them together with a combined hatred for banned ingredients, and a love of gorged goose liver.

"What started out as a symbol of solidarity for a chef's right to cook what they want had a lot more local ramifications I didn't expect," Cichonski told Eater. "I got to meet and become friends with chefs I only knew by name, and find camaraderie in places I didn't expect."

Tonight, Cichonski is inviting "anyone who gives a shit about foie gras, and what we were doing" to stop by Ela after 10 p.m. for cheap drinks and cheap foie gras snacks. What started out as a joke on Twitter became a movement in Philly that will surely be in effect next June, as well. The good news is that while the ban probably won't be lifted very soon, it appears that there will be ways to get your goose on in Cali without any serious ramifications.

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