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Ela Launches Outdoor Seating Tonight

Ela is getting outdoor seating
Ela is getting outdoor seating
Photo: Ela

After a long hiatus from al fresco dining at 3rd and Bainbridge, Ela has just received their license approval. Chef/owner Jason Cichonski said that as of tonight, they'll have outdoor seating

"We just got the approval, and we're building tables as we speak," Cichonski told Eater. "I had to pick up the outdoor furniture in Baltimore, but we're back, and we will be ready by tonight."

Cichonski said that he will be featuring his Happy Hour menu tonight outside, which means they'll have plenty of that awesome burger which is usually sold out and impossible to snag. Cichonski also said he's toying around with the idea of doing a special outdoor menu. Since he often stops by to visit tables during dinner service, this is the best chance you'll have for chef Cichonski to take his shirt off if it gets too hot.

When the space was Ansill Food + Wine, the neighborhood never approved outdoor seats, and when Stephen Starr was lined up to purchase the building afterwards, he balked at the location for possibly having the same fight on his hands. But, Cichonski has really made Ela a part of the neighborhood, and has gotten in the good graces of the locals, who now give him their full support. We're sure his ringing 3-Bell endorsement from Craig LaBan didn't hurt too much, either.

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