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Hidden Beer Garden Opening in the Gayborhood

Drinking outdoors in the city is one of Philly's favorite pastimes, and it looks like you'll have one more place to do it. Opa has opened up a separate outdoor drinking patio, called the Drury Beer Garden, directly behind his restaurant on Sansom Street. The allure of this location is definitely the lack of a direct entrance, which means you've got a secret hideout to drink beer and play ping pong, while listening to an old school boom box playing Kenny Loggins.

Owner George Tsiouris has been talking about opening an outdoor space since Opa officially launched, but has been pretty successful at keeping the details under wraps since then. The furniture is made up of converted milk crates and tension wire spools, and has a really kitschy, backyard clubhouse vibe. This is a great changeup from the blocks of outdoor margarita joints and scenester al fresco eateries that dot the nearby intersections.

Tsiouris hasn't announced an official menu, but says it is going to be summer bites, and not necessarily Greek cuisine. He said that the space is currently in a soft-opening mode, and not completed. But, if you stop by this weekend, you can get a sense of what is to come, when they open officially next week.

[Photo: HughE Dillon]

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Drury Beer Garden

1311 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA