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Dunk Booth at London Grill; IKEA-Building at P.O.P.E.

Last year's Dunk Tank.
Last year's Dunk Tank.
Photo: Beerlass

Eater will be giving you a few suggestions each day to help guide you through the craziness that is Philly Beer Week. Tonight features some weird and wacky stuff you won't soon forget. Oh, and beer.

Dunk a Beer Rep at London Grill - 4:00 p.m.
Terry Birch McNally of London Grill came up with this idea when Beer Week first started, and it has consistently been one of the most entertaining events of the festival. While many Beer Week enthusiasts might not know the folks being dunked, it's always fun to sit outside in the street and drink beer and laugh at some poor sap freezing his ass off. Also, weatherman/ladies' man John Bolaris got in the tank last year, so you never know who might show up. Do shot.

Drinkin' on the Assembly Line at The P.O.P.E. - 7:00 p.m.
No, we're not P.O.P.E. biased, it's just that Dennis Hewlett is a creative guy. This event features a contest where drunk patrons try to build IKEA furniture faster than the other guy, with the winner getting some sort of prize. Evil Twin Brewing is backing the event, and will be bringing some rarities for those people that are building desks, or those of you who are watching in hope of a debilitating splinter injury.

The Session Beer Forum at Farmer's Cabinet - 8:00 p.m.
The Farmer's Cabinet is hosting a bunch of beer writers, bar owners, and importers to discuss the lovely world of session beers. The point of the event is to show that low-alcohol brews (all will be under 5%) can still provide all the flavor and texture of their bigger bretheren. Each $65 ticket will get you at least 10 beers, and the proof that you can drink all night and not end up on the floor. You'll need reservations for this one, but if you call the bar at (215) 923-1113, you can still get on the list.

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