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The Opening of The Industry; The Saisons of Stillwater

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Joe Gunn (left) is always good when drunk.
Joe Gunn (left) is always good when drunk.
Photo: Philly Beer Geek

Eater will be giving you a few suggestions each day to help guide you through the craziness that is Philly Beer Week. Tonight features the opening of a new bar, the best saisons in the U.S., and drunken Joe Gunn.

The Industry Opens For Business - 4:00 p.m.
Probably the only Beer Week event that will add a whole new bar to our culinary scene, The Industry is opening their doors for business tonight at East Moyamensing and Reed Streets. Owned by the crew from The Good Dog, The Industry is dedicated to the hard-working folks of the restaurant and bar industry, and when better to open the doors than Beer Week? Chef Pat Szoke has a great pubby menu, and the beer list is serious business. Expect some special brews tonight.

The Saisons of Stillwater at Hawthorne's - 5:00 p.m.
Philly has a ton of saison fans in the beer geek ranks, and no one does them better than Stillwater Brewing. The event is pay-as-you-go, and the Hawthorne crew has procured a seriously super-rare lineup, including: Bit Witter Weisse, Kopstootje, Stateside, OurSide, Existent, Cellar Door, Debutante, and As Follows. We're sure it won't be cheap, but there won't be a better Stillwater lineup anywhere.

Late Night with Joe Gunn at Jose Pistolas - 11:30 p.m.
One of the most popular events during Beer Week is the series of whiskey-fueled talk show formatted gatherings known as Late Night with Joe Gunn. Gunn, one of the owners of Jose Pistolas, has guests, signs random songs, tells off-color jokes, and basically acts ridiculous for a few hours, as the night winds down. Never a bad choice to check out Late Night after a few too many boozy tipples.

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