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Jim's Steaks Raided for Drugs. Again.

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Last night marks the fourth time Jim's has been busted since 1990
Last night marks the fourth time Jim's has been busted since 1990
Photo: Uwishunu

South Street cheesesteak slingers Jim's Steaks were raided by the Philly police last night, marking the second time the po-po have hit up the shop with warrants to search for drugs in the last year. And, just like last August, the coppers found what they were looking for.

The Daily News is reporting that the officers discovered weed, pills, drug paraphernalia, and cash during the search. The 53-year-old cook they picked up hasn't been officially charged, and therefore not identified yet. This raid marks the fourth time the steak shop has been busted for drugs since 1990.

While Jim's Steaks is a landmark in Philly, these repeat offenses cannot be ignored, as many patrons standing in line are families with young children. Selling cheesesteaks for $8 is surely enough bank to keep the lights on in a building that's been paid off decades ago. It's time for local government to clean house at 4th and South, and protect the tourists and customers they so desperately desire along a decaying South Street.

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