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Marc Summers at Frankford Hall; Philly Beer Geek Finals

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Frankford Hall is hostin Marc Summers tonight.
Frankford Hall is hostin Marc Summers tonight.
Photo: UltraClay

Eater will be giving you a few suggestions each day to help guide you through the craziness that is Philly Beer Week. Tonight, there are two big beer-based competitions, and a serious collection of Dogfish Head cask brews for not too much coin.

Dunkel Dare Championship at Frankford Hall - 7:00 p.m.
Stephen Starr's beer hall is hosting the final round of their three-day tournament that's loosely based on the popular 80's kids competition Double Dare. Frankford Hall has Marc Summers (yes, THE Marc Summers) hosting the action, and the teams will go head-to-head doing beer trivia and physcial challenges, with an actual final obstacle course. Just like in the original, they'll have to find the flag to move on, and yes, they have the giant nose-picking obstacle. Sweet.

Dogfish Firkin Happy Hour at The Trestle Inn - 5:00 p.m.
The firkin is a mini-cask filled with rare beers, and The Trestle Inn has a bunch of them from Philly-fave Dogfish Head Brewing. You'll probably never get the chance to try these beers for a long time, and probably never in cask again, so if you're a DFH fan, this is a must-do. The lineup includes: $3 Festina Peche, $3 60 Minute IPA, $4 Midas Touch, $4 Johnny Cask 75 Minute IPA, and $5 Urkontinent.

The Philly Beer Geek Finals at Manayunk Brewing Co. - 8:00 p.m.
One of the staples of Philly Beer Week has been the coronation of the Philly Beer Geek, and the finals happen tonight at 8:00 p.m. at Manayunk Brewing Co. After tonight's event, one of the six finalists will walk home with over $2,000 in beer-centric prizes and 365 days of telling everyone you're the biggest nerd in Philly.

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