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There's a Pig on a Spit at Varga Bar Right Now

Varga Bar is getting piggish.
Varga Bar is getting piggish.
Photo: Varga Bar

While Beer Week has been a huge success for the beer nerds, today is a big win for the pork junkies, as Chef Evan Turney is currently roasting a pig on a spit outside of Varga Bar at 10th and Spruce. The party goes all day and night and won't stop until they shutter the restaurant in the wee hours of the morning. The first pig is already done, and they're cutting it up as we speak.

"I've got a bunch of pigs, so we're just going to keep this going until they're all gone," said Turney. He added, jokingly, "And, then we'll probably have a special on pig after that."

A massive plate with lots of pig, roasted corn, potato salad, and cole slaw will set you back $25. And, it is Beer Week after all, so, Troeg's, Flying Fish, Rogue, and Iron Hill are all going to be there, and bringing some serious rarities. Expect Casey Hughes (Flying Fish), Nick Johnson (Troeg's), and Spencer Niebhur (Southampton) to be there all night, which means lots of whiskey, and who knows what else.

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Varga Bar

941 Spruce, Street, Philadelphia PA