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Chef Pat Cancelliere Has Triple Bypass; Hop Chef

ITALIAN MARKETBYOB 943 is temporarily closed, as owner/chef Pat Cancelliere recovers from a triple bypass. Cancelliere was feeling queasy last week, and tests showed he needed surgery immediately. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat for a speedy recovery. [The Insider]

UNIVERSITY CITY — Tonight is the Hop Chef showdown between six of Philly's best chefs who are cooking food and pairing it up with the beers of Ommegang. Taking place at World Cafe Live, half of the fun has been the shit-talking tweets between cooks, which will end tonight. While all of the cooks are beyond talented, Scott Schroeder's two restaurants are beer-focused, so he might have a bit of an edge. [EaterWire]

QUEEN VILLAGETapestry is launching their Tiki Tuesdays tonight at 9 p.m.. The very talented Chauncey Scates is behind the event, and will have guest bartenders joining her throughout the month. Tonight's man on the stick is Mike "Juice" Treffehn. [Grub Philly]