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Tacodelphia Locates Tacos For You at All Hours of the Day

Tacodelphia just launched.
Tacodelphia just launched.
Photo: Tacodelphia

While the internet was previously used to download porno and read food blogs, today, Linus Graybill has added a new functionality that we all can use: finding tacos at any hour of the day in Philly. Graybill launched Tacodelphia, a web-app with a sweet map that tells you the times and locations of taco spots, and uses a key that describes the type of establishment: sit-down, bar, food truck, veggie-friendly, and the all-encompassing "other."

While the food set fall over themselves about the best burgers and fried chicken in town, Graybill is doing yeoman's work for the underappreciated Mexican staple. Will his passion bring about a new hunt for the very best tacos in Philly? Looks like this could be the culinary activity for the remainder of the summer.

· Tacodelphia [Official]