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Cursed Coffee Shop Corner in Bella Vista Closes Again

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The drinks are still in the fridge
The drinks are still in the fridge
Photo: Naked Philly

The property at the corner of 10th and Carpenter Streets is vacant yet again, having been three different concepts in just about 10 months. Most recently, it was called Brown Sugar Cafe, and right before that Bookz-And-Beanz. Prior to the era of Bookz-And-Beanz, the storefront was Filter Cafe.

If you're looking for a true "turnkey" operation, this is the place for you. Apparently, there are still drinks sitting in the fridge, and the playlist includes some self-help audio files teaching the steps to beating depression and anxiety. The smart money says this place will become the next OCF Coffee House.

· Cursed Bell Vista Coffee Shop is Definition of Turnkey [Curbed Philly via Naked Philly]

Brown Sugar Cafe

1001 South 10th St. Philadelphia, PA