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Owner of Café Ole' Gets 4-Year Prison Sentence

What will happen to Cafe Ole?
What will happen to Cafe Ole?
Photo: Dave Seator

Moshe Buchnik, owner of Old City stalwart coffee shop Café Ole' was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in an 8-year $2.3 million kickback scheme that defrauded New York Presbyterian Hospital. In addition to Café Ole', Buchnik owns an asbestos removal company that was named in the case, along with Old City developer Michael Yaron, who got hit with five years in the clink. Buchnik was also assessed a $500,000 fine in the sentencing.

Eater reached out to Café Ole' for a response, and was told that the information "was complete bullshit." After citing the news had come directly from the Department of Justice, a quick "no comment" was offered and the conversation ended there. What this means for Café Ole' is still unclear, but we're hoping they stay afloat, as that coffee shop is one of the best spots of Old City.

· Old City Developer Gets Five Years in Prison [Daily News]

Café Ole'

147 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA