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Gyro Stand Bullied By United States Olympic Committee

Olympic Gyro is being forced to change their name.
Olympic Gyro is being forced to change their name.
Photo: Bohemian Traveler

The U.S. Olympic Committee has sent Olympic Gyro in The Reading Terminal Market a cease-and-desist order to stop using the word "Olympic" in their title. If that request isn't ridiculous enough, the fact that Olympic Gyro has been in existence at the RTM for almost 30 years makes it that much worse.

Owner Athens Voulgaridis said he believes that the USOC found him on the internet, and sent a message to the market insisting that the name be changed. Voulgaridis has settled on Olympia Gyro as the new name, and that the total cost of the change will set him back $6,000.

"We're very Greek Orthodox, we go back [to Greece] often. For them to take something that is Greek and make it theirs for money is frustrating," said Voulgaridis. "'Olympic' has been around forever. You can't just buy a name. They don't have a right to do that, but I'm not going to fight the government."

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