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Stephen Starr In Discussions to Open a Cinema Eatery

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Will we see at Stephen Starr cineplex soon?
Will we see at Stephen Starr cineplex soon?

Stephen Starr is currently in talks with a movie company to bring a cineplex to Center City Philadelphia. Starr, who's restaurants already look like a Hollywood sound stage, wants to bring the concept of a cinema-eatery to a town that doesn't have any movie screens in Center City (porn theaters The Forum and Sansom Cinema don't count), since The Boyd shuttered in 2002.

While Starr won't divulge any details yet, the smart money is that he'll get the deal done, and we'll all be having dinner and a movie with our restaurant overlord in the next few years. The closest we have to this experience right now is at Nomad Pizza, where the second floor becomes a small theater showing only the very best Hollywood has to offer.

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