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Train with the Tria Staff; Crumbs Getting Ready to Open

ALL OVERTria is offering a wine training course. But, this isn't just any educational event. Tria is offering customers the opportunity to train with their staff, who are pretty well versed in the grapes. [Meal Ticket]

RITTENHOUSEThe Insider is reporting that Crumbs bakery is close to opening on 18th Street. A zoning hearing is coming up on July 17, and they're on track to be open by the fall. [The Insider]

PARKESBURGThe Victory Brewing Company expansion is progressing nicely, and Foobooz has some more of the details of the new facility. Some of the features the new brewery will have include a brewpub, a two-story office, an air conditioned walkway for tours, and a 5,000 square foot cold box for kegs. [Foobooz]

[Photo: Uwishunu]