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You Can Buy a Paper Model of The Memphis Taproom

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A paper model of the Memphis Taproom
A paper model of the Memphis Taproom
Photo: Grand Circus

Giving a shit about Etsy isn't something that happens too often at Eater HQ, but when someone makes a paper model of The Memphis Taproom that you can buy, it's a good day. Grand Circus has dedicated their crafty skills to recreating Philly icons in paper form, including Monk's (with or without bus accident), a Kenzinger beer truck, and now the Memphis. The coolest part of the model is the addition of the ugly teal-colored hot dog truck and the awesome outdoor beer garden, which sit adjacent to the bar in real life, too.

The Memphis Taproom is celebrating the release of the model next Tuesday, July 24, with an extended happy hour from 5 p.m. -

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