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Sweetbox Gets a Storefront; Marrakesh: Hot Dog Champs

WASH WESTSweetbox Cupcakes is a couple months out from opening a brick-and-mortar. You can catch the lovely Gretchen Fantini and her cupcakes this weekend, though, at The Vendys, where she's defending her title. [The Insider]

SOUTH STREETMarrakesh took home the crown in yesterday's hot dog topping cook-off hosted by Keith Garabedian and The Hot Diggity crew. The judging panel was populated by the Wiener Mafia, otherwise known as Scott Schroeder, Hawk Krall, and Holly Moore. [Meal Ticket]

ALL OVERTake-out beer laws currently keep the six-pack sales at bottle shops and bars, and distributors are forced to sell by the case. The new proposed changes would allow distributors to sell sixers as well, and this has totally pissed off take-out shops. [Grub Philly]

Hot Diggity

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