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Bourdain Visits Italian Market, Loves Philly Street Art

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Marco Pierre White
Marco Pierre White
Photo: Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain just left the Italian Market, visiting Di Bruno Bros. and Paesano's before packing up the van and moving on. He talked cheese with monger Emilio Magnucci, and got a sandwich with Paesano's owner Peter McAndrews in tow. But, Bourdain's favorite part of his visit to the famous Philly landmark was a piece of street art.

"Finding a portrait of Marco Pierre White on a skateboard nailed to a telephone pole in South Philly a nice surprise."

Bourdain then snapped a pic of the visage of Marco Pierre White, known as The Godfather of Modern Cooking and the first celebrity chef, which is painted onto a skateboard and nailed into a telephone pole near Paesano's.

Looks like Bourdain is hitting all the familiar spots most "insider" shows hit (in his defense, those two are definite must-sees in Philly), and we hope he goes a little outside the box for the next few stops. Stay tuned for more tireless Bourdain coverage the rest of the day.

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