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Anthony Bourdain Is In Philly Somewhere Right Now

He's heeeeeere. [Photo: Twitter]
Yesterday, we heard from a clandestine restaurateur that Tony Bourdain's right-hand girl, Helen Cho, started following them on Twitter, and then quickly disappeared. Then, on our Twitter feed, we saw the message above:

"Sitting here waiting for the movie to start and just saw @Bourdain walk in. What are you doing in Philly, Tony?"

Apparently, Bourdain took in The Dark Knight Rises at The Pearl in North Philly. No word yet from any of our network of tipsters, but he is here somewhere. And after the big Chicago debacle, we're sure no one will talk. But, it looks like we're finally getting our very own Bourdain visit. Philly has been more bitter about the lack of Bourdain than they were about Phillies ownership during the 1990s. If you see the tall curmudgeon, be sure to let us know on the tipline.

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