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Teens Beat Elderly Man at First Wok in Germantown

The police are looking for these two men
The police are looking for these two men
Photo: Philly Police

72-year-old Livingston Barker was brutally attacked and robbed at the First Wok Chinese Take-Out on Friday in Germantown. The police have some intense video footage of the assault, and are looking for any information leading to the capture of the two teens responsible.

As Barker ordered his food, one of the assailants played lookout, while the other sucker-punched him in the side of the head, immediately knocking him to the floor. He then stole Barker's wallet, and the two fled on foot.

Philly has had a recent string of serious violence at restaurants and bars, most-notably the notorious coffee-thrower, and the deadly shooting at PYT last month. Both of the people responsible for those acts of aggression were caught soon after, so kudos to the local authorities. If you have any info for the police, shoot them an email, or call the tipline at 215-686-TIPS (8477).

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First Wok

129 W. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, PA