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Fond Is On the Move, Adds a Liquor License and a Bar

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Fond is headed here.
Fond is headed here.
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Fond, one of Philly's best restaurants, is on the move, but not too far. Chef and owner Lee Styer signed a new lease yesterday for 1537 S. 11th St., and will be moving in October. Styer is getting a liquor license, and the new Fond will have a 6-seat bar as well. Fond will have a full beer and wine program, and signature cocktails. The new location has a few other amenities that will help Chef Styer out, too.

"I'm going to have a walk-in, finally, " Styer told Eater. "The kitchen will be bigger, we'll have a liquor license, but we won't really have any downtime, so our regulars shouldn't worry."

If the address sounds familiar, the space was originally earmarked for Gordon Dinerman's new project, The Fountainhead Saloon. When asked why Dinerman's deal was dead, Styer couldn't verify what happened, but thought it had something to do with his original plans to open the second floor. Styer & Co. have no plans to use the second floor.

Eater asked Styer what that big walk-in meant to the future of Fond, and without missing a beat, he responded, "whole animals. We're going to be doing whole animals."

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