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PLCB Cracks Down on the Iron Hill Mug Club

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The Iron Hill Mug Club
The Iron Hill Mug Club
Photo: Fool Circle

In their infinite wisdom, the PLCB has raided yet another band of outlaw alcoholics. This time, it's those bastards at The Iron Hill Mug Club. So, what were these brigands doing that was against the law? The IH Mug Club was handing out points for prizes and extra 8 ounce pours to those people in the group, which is basically a glorified rewards program.

Foobooz is reporting that Kevin Finn, the president of the Mug Club, has announced that the group is being disbanded in its original state. The club will be reformed, and go forward "in compliance" with the state laws after some re-tooling. Luckily, the mug part of Mug Club is still allowed.

The most public snafu executed by the enforcers of the PLCB, though, occurred during Beer Week 2010. The liquor coppers sent police officers with guns to confiscate "unregistered beers" at Memphis Taproom. Their timing was impeccable, as the raid occurred at a packed happy hour, and ended up in USA Today. Good work, guys.

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