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Sometimes Vegans Eat Fish at Sbraga

Hmmm. Interesting request.
Hmmm. Interesting request.
Photo: Ben Fileccia

It appears that some people still haven't grasped the concept of veganism. GM Ben Fileccia tweeted a picture of an upcoming reservation ticket, which read like this:

"Reservation Notes: One of the diners is a vegan who eats fish."

One local chef (who wished to remain anonymous for fear of an angry mob of faux-veggies showing up at their restaurant) said that this isn't a surprise, as Philly is loaded with "fake-a-tarians," which includes pescatarians.

"Jumping on the vegan or veggie bandwagon is done way too often by people who just want to belong to a group and want to preach to others about their fake belief system," said the incensed chef. "Or, they're afraid to admit they're safe eaters who only eat like french fries and rice, and say it's about the poor animals. But, they wear really nice leather boots and leather jackets. Why can't you just say, 'Oh, I don't eat red meat.' Oh, that's right, there's no group that can look down on others in that situation."

How do you really feel, chef?

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