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Khmer Kitchen Open in South Philly

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Maye's is gone, and Khmer Kitchen is here
Maye's is gone, and Khmer Kitchen is here
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While there's a dearth of legit Cambodian restaurants in Philly, the just-landed Khmer Kitchen is aiming to change that up. Owner Rich Nith has taken over the corner spot at 6th and Morris Streets in South Philly (Maye's Restaurant was the previous tenant, and their pupusas will be sorely missed), where his wife, mother, and sister cook up Southeast Asian cuisine in the kitchen.

Most of the menu is served family-style, so be prepared to doggy-bag it if you go alone. The house specialty is prah-hok-kahteeh, a caramelized pork dish with fermented fish paste served on crudite. The prices are all recession-friendly, with a lunch sampler tagged at a paltry $7.95.

For those familiar with Khmer cuisine, they offer the absolute best Nyom La Hong anywhere in the tri-state area. For the uninitiated, Nyom La Hong is a pickled crunchy papaya salad that comes with meat dishes, intensely sour and just a touch sweet. This corner hasn't been a homerun for any of the previous tenants, but hopefully Khmer Kitchen finds an audience.

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Khmer Kitchen

1700 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA