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David Lynch Designs Dom Perignon Bottle; Calls Philly His "Greatest Inspiration"

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David Lynch loves Dom P and Philadelphia
David Lynch loves Dom P and Philadelphia
Photo: Limite Magazine

Film-maker David Lynch recently partnered up with champagne-maker Dom Perignon to design a signature bottle, and threw a ridiculously surreal reveal party in L.A. to celebrate the release of the bubbly. At the shindig, Lynch discussed his time in Philly, and how our fair city became his "greatest inspiration." And then he dropped this seriously astute observation:

"The mood of the place, the architecture, what I saw and heard and felt. It was very magical, but laced with a deep tormenting fear and sickness. And, I ate many steak sandwiches there."

This is probably the greatest compliment ever bestowed upon Philadelphia, by one of our adopted sons. Mayor Mike, can we finally get that David Lynch Day on the Parks and Rec agenda?

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