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Chef Jason Cichonski: Lawbreaker

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Jason Cichonski tweeted this photo last night
Jason Cichonski tweeted this photo last night
Photo: Twitter

If you were following local chef Twitter accounts last night, you might have spotted one from Jason Cichonski, depicting his arm handcuffed to a bench (pictured). Eater reached out to Cichonski for comment this morning, and he offered us that he "had me a time."

Cichonski assured us that he is no longer in custody, and will be back at Ela looking sexy, and making everyone banh cams without delay. It's a good thing, too, because how long could someone that pretty survive in prison?

When asked why he was picked up, he declined to comment. But, Eater has a few theories:

· Chef Scott Schroeder finally got to him with the constant needling on Twitter, and he waited outside the South Philly Taproom for Schroeder with a sock full of pennies.
· There was just one too many comments made about his beautiful hair, and he'd had enough.
· Looking at his shorts and shoes in the photo, the cops needed to get him off the street.

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