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Jeremy Nolen Cooking at Le Virtu After Losing a Bet

Jeremy Nolen is cooking at Le Virtu on August 8
Jeremy Nolen is cooking at Le Virtu on August 8

Joe Cicala of Le Virtù and Jeremy Nolen of Brauhaus Schmitz made a friendly bet in regards to the outcome of a Euro Cup semi-finals match featuring Germany and Italy. To the winner go the spoils, which in this case, means cooking for me at my restaurant.

The German National squad looked incredibly strong, and was almost assured a place in the finals against Spain. But, this is sports, so, the Italian Azzuri trounced the Germans in a match that was lopsided the whole way and ended up 2-0. As a result, Nolen will be cooking for Cicala on Wednesday, August 8 at Le Virtù on East Passyunk at 7 p.m.

"We just agreed to the terms, and the menu will be coming this week," Cicala told Eater. "You have to make reservations, and it ended up being a collaboration dinner." While Cicala is being quite diplomatic about the outcome, everyone knows the real story. Nolen is cooking at Le Virtù because he lost the damned bet.

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