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The Dolphin Tavern Has Closed, Starting Fundraiser

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The scuzzy Dolphin Tavern strip joint has closed on South Broad Street. Eater got in touch with the ownership, who confirmed the sad news, but said they weren't going down without a fight.

"We're working with the lawyers, and there are just a mountain of issues right now," they told Eater. "But, nothing that money can't fix. So, we will be working on a fundraiser, check our Facebook for details, as we get them sorted out."

Unlike the Trestle Inn, which always felt dangerous before the recent overhaul, the Dolphin Tavern had a living room vibe to it. Granted, it was a dirty living room, but it was our living room. They deserve to continue on as they always have been.

After all, this was the place that opened at 6 A.M. on the day of the Phillies World Series parade, and had all double shots of whiskey on special for $1 to anyone that wore something emblazoned with the team logo. Eater wishes them a quick return, as the Dolphin Tavern is a true throwback to a time that's all but gone in 2012 Philadelphia.

· The Dolphin Tavern [Facebook]

The Dolphin Tavern

1539 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA