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1800 Tequila Now Comes with Glass Shards

Photo: 1800 Tequila/Eater Philly

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a voluntary recall (warning: PDF) on the 1.75L bottles of 1800 Tequila, specifically the Silver, Reposado, and Coconut versions. The producer, Agavera Camichines S.A. de C.V., has reported that transport issues have caused damage to the glass stopper which can cause shards to break off into the liquid.

The lots which are affected have been posted online, and some of these shipments have hit the shelves here in Pennsylvania. If those horrible commercials weren't enough to steer you away from this lackluster product, maybe the promise of colon perforation will finish the job. Be careful out there.

· Voluntary Recall of 1800 Tequila [PLCB]

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