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Zen-Nor Shutters Suddenly, Owner Stiffs Employees

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Zen-Nor has closed
Zen-Nor has closed
Photo: Eater Philly

Owner Eleanor Aukett closed down restaurant Zen-Nor suddenly, and has no plans to pay back her employees. Chef Mike O'Mara told Eater that Aukett said she was going to close down for a few weeks, and re-open, but the re-open never happened.

"She said she was going on vacation, and we were going to take time off, which is normal," said O'Mara. "But, then she said she was bankrupt, and no one was going to get paid. That's what happens when you sign on with a first-time restaurateur."

The chef, along with all of his colleagues, is now looking for work. Being a restaurant veteran, he said that "the writing was on the wall," but hung on because he is an optimistic person. "You hope things will get better, but when you open in June, you better be prepared for some slow months."

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617 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

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