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Chowspotter Tracks Food Truck Locations All Over Philly

Developer Joe Krill has just launched, the handy-dandy web app that keeps tabs on your favorite food truck. After allowing the app to search for your location, it'll tell you what food trucks are closest to you, and how long they'll be in place. In the next column, it lists popular trucks and where they currently are, and on the right, it namechecks popular locations for truck stops, and what is scheduled to arrive, or what's there right now.

"I use real-time tweets, posted schedules, and Facebook lists to figure out where the trucks currently are," Krill told Eater. "As for making an iPhone app or Android, it takes a lot of capital, and I haven't decided if I'll do it yet. But, it is optimized for browsers on smartphones."

Krill started the project out of boredom (he's a corporate software developer), and noticed that there was no way to navigate the food truck boom, even though they all used Twitter to talk to customers and fans. "I go to food trucks probably once a week, but many of my friends and colleagues hit them up all the time," Krill said. "So, I knew there was an audience."

So, follow Chowspotter on Twitter, and bug the hell out of Krill until he decides to make a mobile app. And, for you venture capital types, there are plenty of people who would fork over a dollar or two for just such a product.

· Chowspotter [Official]

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