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What Are the Best Hidden Gems in Philly?

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Villari Bros. is a true hidden gem
Villari Bros. is a true hidden gem
Photo: Google Maps

Some restaurants will never have a PR person, and often times that means no one will know about their greatness. Today, Eater wants to hear about the places that are doing amazing work and never get written about. Tell us the most delicious things to eat or drink there and why it deserves a visit from every Philadelphian. Whether it's an eat-in joint, takeout, or delivery, everything is fair game. To get things started, we will drop a tip to visit the Villari Bros. bakery at 10th and Winton Streets in South Philly. There you'll find some of the best tomato pie and freshly baked Italian bread in the city.

So, which restaurants and bars are Philadelphia's best-kept-secrets? Leave them in the comments or shoot us a message on the tipline. Next week, we will map them all out.

A quick note to enthusiastic restaurant owners and over-zealous PR folks: Let's leave this discussion to the general populace.

Villari Bros.

2140 S 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA