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Tell Eater About Your Favorite FOH Staff Members

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Brian Kane of Zahav is one of our FOH heroes.
Brian Kane of Zahav is one of our FOH heroes.
Photo: Eater Philly

All this week, Eater will be shining a light on the unsung heroes of the restaurant world: the servers, hosts, bus boys, general managers, and bartenders that make the dining rooms of Philadelphia tick. This week, some of the city's top food writers and critics will share stories about front of the house professionals that they admire. But Eater also wants to hear about the restaurant workers that you, the readers, know and love.

Is there a server, bartender, host, or GM that deserves a little blog love? Send your thoughts to the tipline (shills will be dumped in the Eater Trash Can). And stay tuned for profiles of some of Philly's hardest working FOH personnel.