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Cult-Favorite Cafe Estelle Closing in September

Cafe Estelle is closing.
Cafe Estelle is closing.
Photo: Uwishunu

The beloved Cafe Estelle owned by is closing up shop on September 30, after almost 5 years in business. Chef/owner Marshall Green announced the major heartbreak on his Twitter feed this morning, but also promised a return to the Philly scene at some point.

Cafe Estelle is that out-of-the-way place food folks in the know take their in-from-out-of-town brunch snobs to show off just how good we have it here. While throngs of lemmings wait for an hour outside of traditional brunch spots to eat French Toast, the Cafe Estelle set were inhaling sophisticated plates of foie gras and rhubarb and veritable mountains of house-smoked bacon thickly cut for your inner neanderthal. Everyone wins.

If you've never dined within the walls of Cafe Estelle, do it now before it's way, way too late.

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Cafe Estelle

444 N. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA

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