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Pitruco Pizza is Favorite Target of Criminals

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Down with bechamel
Down with bechamel
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Not only is Pitruco Pizza the first choice for many pizza fans in Philly, it's become the first choice for local thugs near the commissary in Mt. Airy. The team at Pitruco has been dealing with multiple thefts, and now is being hit with vandalism as well.

"They took our generator, which was bolted down, locked up, and secured quite well a little while ago," Jonah Fliegelman told Eater. "And this cord, which is pretty useless by itself. I mean, who would take that?"

After suggesting that the copper wire in the cord was probably sold off, Fliegleman agreed, but then added that it was probably not related to the vandalism. "Most of it was illegible, except they wrote 'eww' with an arrow pointing to the bechamel in one spot. I guess they have strong feelings about bechamel."

Fliegelman and the crew have gotten the truck back up to snuff and clean, but it adds a level of difficulty to an already challenging operation. Fliegelman said there are no plans to open a storefront yet, though. If anyone is sitting around with $10,000 to spare, Eater is sure they would listen to a pitch for a brick-and-mortar operation.

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